We be on Hiatus for a while

25th April 2018

Hey guys. Just to let you know, we're going on hiatus after tomorrow's episode. Grax has too much work on to produce it, PDT needs time to recharge fully to be able to get back into the show and Quinn... Well, nobody wants to hear a Quinn solo podcast. The three of us will return with something at some point.

We love to hear from you still, even on our break. You can get in touch with us on Twitter and Facebook.

break, grax, hiatus, pdt, pete, quinn

Race To The Rescue – Series 2 Episode 6

18th April 2018

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy begin to develop slighty faster than an glacier (but only slightly more) as we are introduced to the Galactabeasts. Grax and Quinn dive straight into this episode. Grax is suspicious about Maya's hearing power and the nightmare-inducing Cat Galactabeast, while Quinn explains in depth the related episodes of Gingaman that includes the orange morph-suited pirate men.

galactabeast, gingaman, grax, hearing, maya, morph suit, orange, pirates, quiff, quinn, radster, star beast

Something Fishy – Series 2 Episode 5

11th April 2018

Ichthyophobia; the fear of fishes. How did nobody spot Billy's Ichthyophobia before? Why didn't Bulk and Skull do a somersault into the pond when they went fishing? How good can Zyu2 footage be when there is no Japan influence? Grax and Quinn explore these questions and more in today's RangerPod.

billy, fear, fish, fishing, goo, grax, Ichthyophobia, quinn, zyu2

Quasar Quest part 2 – Series 2 Episode 4

28th March 2018

It's part 2 of the episode Quasar Quest, where we finally get to see Power Rangers! But will PDT and Grax share in the "sad moment" that is Mike falling into a chasm leaving Leo the saber? Will they get slightly concerned that Maya was a little too happy to abandon her village friends to be a Power Ranger?

alpha 6, bad fx, death, furio, grax, leo, lost galaxy, mike, pdt, podcast, power rangers, quasar, quest, saber, sfx, special effects, stone, sword

A Pig Surprise - Series 2 Episode 3

21st March 2018

Oh great, the dead-eyed pig is back! Grax and Quinn rewatch this episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and see just how much of a story can be made, using only recycled sentai footage, Power Ranger Halloween costumes, and a pig named Norman?

device, farm, fire, grandma, norman, percy pig, pig, podcast, pudgy pig

Quasar Quest part 1 - Series 2 Episode 2

14th March 2018

Team RangerPod is blasting off to a new Power Rangers series! We are looking into the first episode of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, set 5 years after the events of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. With years to mature, has the Power Rangers story gotten better?

furio, jungle, leo, lost galaxy, no power rangers, power rangers, quasar, quasar saber, space, starship troopers, village people

Rita's Seed of Evil - Series 2 Episode 1

7th March 2018

The boys of RangerPod are back for series 2 of RangerPod. Join PDT, Grax and Quinn as they review episode 41 of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

With the fiendish monster Octoplant on the loose can the Power Rangers save the day by digging with spades? Since when does Grax do a great impression of Squat?

And why is Bulk and Skull covered in poop inportant to the plot?

bulk and skull, digging, hentai, octoplant, plant, podcast, poo, poop, power rangers, shovel, spade, tentacle, tree

Power Rangers Super Star Force - The Final Battle

22nd January 2018

PDT and Grax are doing some more voice acting, taking up their their roles once again as Blue and Black Ranger for "Power Rangers Super Star Force - The Final Battle".

Special thanks to Karn from The Helmets And Henshin Network for inviting us back and for putting in all the hard work of editing the video together. Also special mention to the following cast:

black ranger, blue ranger, dub, grax, kyuranger, pdt, power rangers, super star force

Christmas Special - Alpha's Magical Christmas

20th December 2017

Warning: Today's episode of RangerPod contains strong language.

It's Christmas time and what better way to celebrate than with PDT, Grax and Quinn watching this super-low budget Power Rangers Christmas special. But maybe the trio can think up a better plot than what Saban gave us?

Also, as mentioned in today's RangerPod, take a look at the Lord Zedd's Holiday Humbug book. Full credit and copyright goes to Saban Brands.

alpha, children, christmas, clip show, decoration, grax, pdt, quinn, tree, zordon

Episode 40 – Doomsday Part 2

8th November 2017

This is it, the end of Series 1 of Zyranger, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (apart from the next 20 episodes) and the end of Series 1 of RangerPod. But will this ending satisfy PDT, Grax and Quinn?

bulkster, celebration, child, cyclopsis, dragonzord, goldar, kai, locar, lokar, mayor, moon palace, power rangers day, rita, skyscraper, super skull, titanus, ultrazord, war zord, zord/div>

Episode 39 - Doomsday Part 1

1st November 2017

PDT, Grax and Quinn discuss how much not-fun the Power Rangers Day celebration at the park is (good thing everyone in Angel Grove is teleported away) and they also discuss the origin story of Rita/Bandora in the Zyurangers episode.

bulkster, celebration, child, cyclopsis, dragonzord, goldar, kai, locar, lokar, mayor, moon palace, power rangers day, rita, skyscraper, super skull, titanus, ultrazord, war zord, zord

Episode 38 - A Bad Reflection On You

24th October 2017

PDT, Quinn and Grax do some reflecting of their own as they discuss issues including cheap sunglasses, Bulk's sandwich box of infinite holding and Mei getting in a hot bath with an old lady in today's RangerPod.

bad guy, bath, bath tub, bulk, detention, evil rangers, evil twin, foam, fountain, grandma, mei, old lady, skull, twin man, water

Episode 37 - Clean Up Club

17th October 2017

PDT, Quinn and Grax refuse to join in Trini's environmental propaganda cult known as The Clean Up Club in today's episode of Power Rangers.

acrobatics, clean, clean up, environment, gymnastics, litter, polluticorn, reality tv, tidy up, trini, video, vlog, yellow ranger

Episode 36 - Birds Of A Feather

10th October 2017

PDT, Grax and Quinn discuss the importance of Kameron abandonment and trying to follow Zordon's clear instructions in today's episode of RangerPod.

abandon, cardiotron, child, dragonzord, hatchasauros, kameron, karate, kid, zordon

Episode 35 - The Green Candle Part II

4th October 2017

The end draws near for Tommy as PDT, Grax and Quinn argue other whether this episode of Power Rangers is the best send-off for the Green Ranger or not.

chest, cyclops, fail, goldar, green candle, green ranger, kimberly, kiss, power, prison dimension, shield, tommy, tranfer

Episode 34 - The Green Candle Part I

26th September 2017

PDT takes a break from the Peace Conference in Switzerland to join Grax and Quinn in todays RangerPod. The trio reflect upon the beginning of the end of the Green Ranger in The Green Candle Part I.

candle, cyclops, doppelganger, dragonzord, goldar, green, green ranger, kimberly, prison, prison dimension, shapeshifter, tommy

Episode 33 - The Yolks On You

19th September 2017

Grax and Quinn risk everything to chow down on rare goony eggs as they watch this week's episodes of Power Rangers and Zyurangers.

damn, dragonzord, egg, fang, goony, yolk

Episode 32 - A Star Is Born

12th September 2017

PDT is out at a Peace Conference in Switzerland until further notice, so RangerPod Mega-Fan Quinn joins Grax in episode 32 of Power Rangers. Where we learn that too many giant monsters can ruin the broth.

babe, baseball, beach, cacoon, commercial, karate, power rangers, red cylinder, ruthless, scorpina, silk, tv, worm

Episode 31 - Calamity Kimberly

9th September 2017

PDT and Grax have the misfortune of watching the boring antics of Kimberly's bad luck and Samurai Fan Man's drinking problem in today's RangerPod.

bad luck, bottle, dragonzord, drinking, fan, jug, kimberly, man, power, rangers, samurai, sleep, titanus, trap, ultrazord

Episode 30 - The Rockstar

22nd August 2017

PDT and Grax can't get over the bad child voice dubbing that is Jeremy in today's episode of RangerPod.

bad dub, bad voice, beach, destruction, dub, goldar, jason, jeremy, kyrangers, mirror, pool, rock, scorpina, voice


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