Power Rangers Star Force - 12 Ranger Morph (Kyuranger Fan Dub)

16th August 2017

Karn from Helmets and Henshin Network produced this brilliant dub work for Kyuranger and you should check it out. Can you guess which Power Ranger Grax and PDT are dubbing?

dub, grax, Helmets and Henshin, Helmets and Henshin Network, karn, kyuranger, pdt, starforce, voice
Kyuranger thumbnail

Episode 29 – Island of Illusion part 2

16th August 2017

Ah now this is the clip show that PDT remembers. Our duo try their hardest not to fade away with the dumbness of this episode in today's RangerPod.

angel, bulk and skull, clip show, dance, dance contest, locar, mutitis, power, quagmire, rangers

Episode 28 - Island of Illusion part 1

9th August 2017

Nothing is what it seems as PDT remember that, actually, this episode of Power Ranger is not a clip show and it's not too bad. And Grax love the Mutitis monster.

confidence, dance contest, dwarf, frankenstein, frankent, goldar, halfling, hell, illusion, island, power rangers, python, quagmire, satan, scorpina, snake, spell, summon, zack

Episode 27 - Wheel of Misfortune

1st August 2017

PDT and Grax struggle to stay awake as they take on Rita's Wheel of Misfortune.

dreadwheel, misfortune, mr caplan, principle, repunzel, rumpelstiltskin, rumplestitzkin, school play, uncle howard, wheel

Episode 26 - Gung Ho

25th July 2017

Grax and PDT try to put their many differences aside as they learn the true meaning of Gung Ho!

cheap, green ranger, gung ho, map, ninja, pimp, quest, red ranger, super-putty, teamwork, titanus

Episode 25 – Life’s a Masquerade

19th July 2017

PDT and Grax learn that Life's a Masquerade - just not a very interesting one.

air combo, dragonzord, frankenstein, golem, monster, power staff, red clay, rita, sherlock holmes, split story, super-putty

Episode 24 – The Spit Flower

11th July 2017

PDT and Grax get bitten by plastic flowers with joke shop vampire teeth.

fang, float, flower, green ranger, kimberly, parade, pink ranger, spit flower, stock footage, teeth, tommy

Episode 23 – Itsy Bitsy Spider

5th July 2017

PDT and Grax bug out over the world's ugliest statue as they take on 'Itsy Bitsy Spider'.

bug hunt, bugs, children, dragon mega zord, dragonzord, insects, jack, moth, mouse, mouser, park, sleep, spider, statue, tick, zack

Episode 22 – The Trouble With Shellshock

28th June 2017

PDT and Grax discuss the many troubles with The Trouble with Shellshock, including a ghostly sabretooth tiger.

baboo, dragonzord, flower, ghost, green ranger, hope, light, mountain, mountain of hope, red ray, sabretooth tiger, spirit, squat, tortoise, traffic, turtle, tyrannosaurus, uncle howard, yellow ranger

Episode 21 - Green With Evil Part V (Breaking The Spell)

23rd June 2017

THE END OF GREEN RANGER WEEK! PDT and Grax are tempted by an extended toy commercial.

commercial, dragon, dragonzord, goldar, green ranger, jason, sword of darkness, toy

Episode 20 - Green With Evil Part IV (Eclipsing Megazord)

22nd June 2017

GREEN RANGER WEEK IS ALMOST OVER! PDT and people's favourite Grax get a bit giddy as they watch the Megazord regretting the lack of a battery pack.

dinozord, eclipse, goldar, green ranger, megazord, power drain, rita’s evil plan, scorpina, solar, tommy

Episode 19 - Green With Evil Part III (The Rescue)

21st June 2017

MORE GREEN RANGER WEEK! PDT and Grax fall for a human scorpion.

dimension, dry ice, goldar, green ranger, jason, prison, prison dimension, scorpina, tommy

Episode 18 - Green With Evil Part II (Jason's Battle)

20th June 2017

GREEN RANGER WEEK CONTINUES! PDT and Grax watch on as Goldar kills time until tomorrow's episode.

battle, dry ice, goldar, green ranger, jason, mastadon, megazord, prison dimension, rad bug, shield, sword of darkness, tommy

Episode 17 - Green With Evil Part I (Out Of Control)

19th June 2017

GREEN RANGER WEEK BEGINS! There's a new kid in school, but is he any match for PDT and Grax?

evil, green, green ranger, tommy

RangerPod Interviews Ron Wasserman

14th June 2017

PDT goes solo to ask Power Rangers’ musical maestro Ron Wasserman the questions in this interview from April 2016.

accordian, deaf, girl, gnarly, gnome, music, sign language, troll

Episode 16 - Switching Places

7th June 2017

Grax smears lipstick on his face and PDT blows up a computer as they take a look at the bodyswap horror that is Switching Places.

billy, body, bulk, dog, genie, k-9, kimberly, lamp, mind, skull, swap, teleport

Episode 15 - Dark Warrior

30th May 2017

PDT and Grax launch the campaign for Karate Scientist to be the next Blue Ranger.

billy, dark warrior, formula, invisible, karate, ninja, scientist, uncle howard, yellow belt

Episode 14 - Foul Play In The Sky

24th May 2017

PDT and Grax get on a plane with Kimberly and her Uncle Steve but fall victim to extensive rewrites as they watch Foul Play in the Sky...

airplane, airport, apple, arrow, bow, bulk, fly, kimberly, skull, snizzard, william tell

Episode 13 - Peace, Love and Woe

17th May 2017

PDT and Grax fall down the polarising rabbit hole of Billy's first love as they take on Peace, Love and Woe.


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