Episode 12 - Power Ranger Punks

9th May 2017

Billy and Kimberly are transformed into the evilest beings of the 90s: PUNKS!

...Oh and there's a Frog Monster too I guess.

annoying laugh, billy, kimberly, potion, punk, root, sap, terror, toad

Episode 11 - No Clowning Around

2nd May 2017

PDT and Grax visit the carnival - where for once, the guest star has an excuse for wooden acting....

circus, clown, cousin, cut-out, fair, octopus, pineapple, pineoctopus, water

Episode 10 - Happy Birthday Zack

25th April 2017

PDT and Grax discuss how much Zack sulks all day because nobody remembers his birthday! Oh and the Black Knight monster is pretty cool too.

birthday, black, black ranger, cake, knight, party, ritual, sulk, zack

Episode 9 - For Whom The Bell Trolls

19th April 2017

PDT and Grax spy on Trini while she sleeps - but will they like what they find?

bedroom, billy, children, circus, collect, collector, dream, flea, show and tell, tickle sneezer, trini, troll

Episode 8 – I, Eye Guy

12th April 2017

"WHAT AN AMAZING NAME FOR A POWER RANGERS MONSTER!" said nobody on this week's RangerPod. Or did they? Listen on to find out.

billy, eye, eyeballs, invention, nipples, vr headset, willy

Episode 7 - Big Sisters

5th April 2017

How do you solve a problem like Maria? PDT and Grax don't know, but they're pretty sure the answer doesn't involve a giant chicken with gardening shears...

RangerPod Special - Power Rangers (2017) Movie Review

29th March 2017

The new Power Rangers movie is out and PDT and Grax has watched it. But what did the duo think of this attempt at rebooting this beloved franchise?

Warning! This movie discussion podcast will be full of movie spoilers from the get-go, so it would be a good idea to watch the movie first.

If you would like a more spoiler-free review of the Power Rangers movie, check out PDT's review at Den Of Geek.

2017, breakfast club, discussion, power, power rangers movie, ranger, repulsa, review, rita, spoilers

Episode 6 - Food Fight

21st March 2017
PDT and Grax compare the difference between the American show and the Japanese show about a pig head with legs. But which country did it best? The final verdict may surprise you.
bulk, eat, food, food fight, grax, head, monster, parsnip, pdt, pig, power rangers, power weapons, radish, stuff

Episode 5 - A Different Drum

15th March 2017
PDT and Grax face the first real test of their Ranger-watching abilities as they plumb the depths of A Different Drum.
accordian, deaf, girl, gnarly, gnome, music, sign language, troll

Episode 4 - A Pressing Engagement

8th March 2017

PDT and Grax learn that life is easier with friends – unless you’re trying to break a bench-press record…

bench press, bubble, bubblegum, bulk, desert, giant, goldar, grax, pdt, power crystals, power rangers, record breaking, red ranger, rita, skull, sphinx, teamwork

Episode 3 - Teamwork

1st March 2017

PDT and Grax learn the value of Teamwork - and of Zordon pulling new powers out of his backtube - as they watch episode 3 of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

crystal, dump, kimberly, minotaur, pollution, power rangers, toxic, trini

Episode 2 - High Five

22th February 2017

PDT and Grax do the time warp again as they tuck into the second episode, 'High Five'.

And it's double trouble as Rita sends not one but two monsters to test our heroes. But will either of them get the screen time they deserve?

Acrophobia, alternative dimensions, bones, different dimensions, dimensions, fear, fear of heights, giant, knight, mighty morphin, mountain, power rangers, putties, red ranger, tyrannosaurus

Episode 1: Day of the Dumpster

15th February 2017

PDT and Grax begin their epic journey by lifting the lid on the first ever episode of Power Rangers, ‘Day of the Dumpster’!

Join them for the infodump of their lives as things get too much for Grax after less than three minutes! Is their journey over before it’s begun?

No. Obviously not.

day, dumpster, fighting, first appearance, goldar, introduction, morphin, of, power, putties, rangers, repulsa, rita, rocket, space, spaceship, zords

Podcast Trailer

12th Feb 2017
A trailer for RangerPod, a new Power Rangers-themed podcast coming to your ears on February 15th.
episode, grax, mighty morphin, pdt, pete, pilot, power rangers


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